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Area 25 Cable TV Advisory Committee

The Area 25 Cable Television Advisory Committee was established by Resolution #4519, by the Enfield Town Council, at a regular meeting held on April 20, 1981 (in accordance with Section 16-233-24 of the CT General Statutes, effective April 23, 1974). The committee was charged with the responsibility of fully investigating cable television, advising the Town Council on a periodic basis as to the state of the Department of Public Utility Control (DPUC) actions regarding Enfield cable service, and accumulating resource information that would be necessary for the community to make appropriate decisions for input to the company or DPUC. The committee is comprised of three (3) residents, such members to be representative of the cultural, educational, ethnical and economical composition of the community. The Director of Libraries, or his designated representative and a representative of the Board of Education were appointed to serve as ex-officio members. The term of office is two (2) years. This committee meets on alternate third Wednesdays.

Not Approved by Committee

Athletic Hall of Fame Committee

The Athletic Hall of Fame Committee is a self-appointing agency. The Town Council, at a regular meeting held on December 4, 1995, adopted Resolution #2277, which established the Athletic Hall of Fame at the Angelo Lamagna Activity Center. It was resolved that the Hall of Fame would be governed by a committee, which would have as permanent members, the Recreation Supervisor and the Board of Education Athletic Director (or comparable representative). The number of committee members and the appointment of committee members is the responsibility of the permanent committee. Terms of office would be indefinite. Funding for the operation of the Hall of Fame shall be from sources other than the Town of Enfield. The committee meets on the second Tuesday of the month.

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Board of Assessment Appeals

The Board of Assessment Appeals is a three (3) member board established in accordance with Chapter V, Section 4 of the Enfield Town Charter. It is charged with the responsibility of hearing appeals related to the assessment of property. Meetings are held as prescribed by CT General Statutes. Members of this board serve for a term of three (3) years.

Building Code Board of Appeals

A board of appeals shall be appointed by each municipality. Such board shall consist of five members, all of whom shall meet the qualifications set forth in the State Building Code. A member of a board of appeals of one municipality may also be a member of the board of appeals of another municipality (C.G.S. 29-266(a)).

One member of the board of appeals shall be appointed from the general public. The other four members shall have at least five years experience each in building design, building construction, or supervision of building construction (C.S.B.C. 112.2.1 amd). The board shall annually select one of its members to serve as chairman (C.S.B.C. 112.2.2 amd).

Each appeal shall be heard in the municipality for which the building official serves within five days, exclusive of Saturdays, Sundays, and legal holidays, after the date of receipt of the appeal (C.S.B.C. 112.3 amd).

Source: Connecticut General Statutes (C.G.S.) and the 1999 Connecticut State Building Code (C.S.B.C.).

Clean Energy Committee

The Committee is appointed by the Town Council to educate and inspire the community about clean energy and energy efficiency. Up to seven members are appointed for 4-year terms of office.

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Commission on Aging

The Commission on Aging was established to study the needs of and coordinate the programs for the aging. The responsibilities of the commission are:

  1. To foster understanding, respect and involvement of older adults in the life of the community.
  2. To encourage participation of older residents in all aspects of community life.
  3. To assure older citizens equal access to Town resources, facilities, programs and development through consultation and participation in planning.
  4. To continuously study and analyze the needs of the older populations in order to maintain innovative approaches to their changing needs.
  5. To apply for state, federal and other grants that would support areas or needs that are important to older adults.
  6. To coordinate local agency programs, both public and private, which provide services for the aged.
  7. To submit a progress report to the Town Council every six (6) months.

This commission was established by ordinance adopted by the Town Council on July 1, 1971. The ordinance was amended on April 21, 1997 and became effective May 6, 1997. The amended ordinance provides for the appointment of nine (9) members and two (2) alternates. At least three (3) members shall be over 60 years of age, three (3) members between 50 and 60 and three (3) members younger than 50 years of age. The commission is appointed by the Town Manager with the approval of the Town Council to serve for a term of three (3) years. The commission meets on the second Wednesday of the month.

Connecticut River Assembly

The Connecticut River Assembly membership is made up of representatives from the municipalities of Middletown, East Hampton, Portland, Cromwell, Glastonbury, Rocky Hill, Wethersfield, Windsor, South Windsor, Windsor Locks, East Windsor, Suffield and Enfield. Two representatives (one (1) member and one (1) alternate) are appointed from each of these communities to serve on the assembly to review and comment on applications pertaining to land use within the Connecticut River conservation zone. Term of office is for three (3) years. The assembly meets on the second Thursday of the month.

Connecticut Water Company Advisory Council

The Connecticut Water Company Advisory Council is comprised of one (1) voting member and one (1) non-voting alternate from each town of the northern Service District, appointed by the chief elected official of the town and at least one (1) non-voting advisory member from the Connecticut Water Company's northern district. The purpose of the committee is to provide the residents with advocates to air complaints about service, water quality and fees. The committee is scheduled to meet at least once every six months.

Conservation Commission

In accordance with CT General Statutes, Section 7-131a, (Town Code, Chapter 2, Article I, Section 2-6.1) the Town Council, in July 2001, established by ordinance a Conservation Commission for the development and conservation of natural resources, including water resources, within the territorial limits of the Town.

In general the commission has five goals: 1. the acquisition and preservation of open space, 2. the preservation of farmland, 3. aquifer protection, 4. archaeological protection and 5. special projects (projects that do not fall into any of the four aforementioned areas but further the commission's charge as set forth by the Town Council). Examples of work in each of the goal categories are:

  1. open space preservation - the purchase of land along the Scantic River corridor and the designation of such as an official Greenway by the CT Greenways Council, advocacy of acquisition of properties currently owned by Northeast Utilities, presenting educational forums in collaboration with Northern CT Land Trust.
  2. farm land preservation - the compilation of a document entitled Open Space and Farmland Preservation in Enfield that outlines an open space planning program, advocacy of Farmland Preservation Bill 1041.
  3. aquifer protection - participation in the CT River Watershed Council's Conference focusing on creating a strategy for conservation and development within the watershed in the MA/CT region, participation in southern New England Soil Water Conservation programs dealing with low flow problems and streams, development of information that will protect the drinking water supply for the Town (source of which is entirely deep well aquifers).
  4. archaeological protection - collaboration with members of the Enfield Historical Society to assist the state with an update of a map showing archaeologically sensitive sites in Enfield, and the commitment to work with the historic policy work group of the Enfield Revitalization Strategy Committee in order to address archaeological protection areas.
  5. special projects - research and documentation of conservation easements throughout Enfield, CT River Clean Up, support of access to the CT River over Amtrak property.

The commission is comprised of seven (7) members and three (3) alternate members to be appointed by the chief executive officer of the municipality. The term of office is four (4) years. This commission meets on the second Tuesday of the month.

Cultural Arts Commission

The purpose of this commission is to encourage participation in and promotion, development and acceptance of artistic and cultural activities. This committee is comprised of seven (7) members, two (2) Town Council liaisons, and one (1) staff member. Members of the commission shall be selected from a broad cross-section of the community to include members of diverse economic, social and cultural groups who are interested in the aims and purposes of this commission. Commission members serve for a term of two (2) years. The Cultural Arts Commission meets on the first Tuesday of every month.
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