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Enfield Economic Development Commission

Minutes of a Regular Meeting

March 12, 2010


The Regular Meeting of the Enfield Economic Development Commission was held on Friday, March 12, 2010 in the Enfield Room at Town Hall.  The meeting was called to order at 8:10 AM.

Members present included Chris Casey, Jerry Fitzsimons, Ralph Cerrato, John Gual, Ken Nelson, Martha McLeod, Kiran Majmudar and Ray Warren.


Mr. Warren informed the Commission of:


·        The Home Show

·        A strong February in building permits – mostly renovations

·        Five Guy's Burger has begun hiring

·        An RFQ being issued for the Transit Center for Engineering and Architecture.

·        All budgets have been sent in

·        The new finance program software is moving along


The members discussed the state's budget and the next year will be worse than this year. 

There will be a lot of restructuring typing to do more with less.  Mr. Nelson noted that the state withdrew $1.8 million for the Fermi fields.


Mr. Warren discussed the sidewalk clearing project.


Mr. Gual asked what we can do as a Commission – he felt we should focus on a few objectives in the Plan of conservation and work on those. 


Dr. McLeod noted that we need venues for advocacy – educating the public. 


Mr. Warren introduced Jose Giner, Director of Planning, who was present to bring the Commission up to date on the Plan of Conservation and Development.  He explained that this was a 400-page document which included an Executive Summary.  Implementation of the plan started a year ago, they had public forums, and Peter Smith was chosen as the consultant to work on the Plan. 


Mr. Giner stated that there will be a meeting on March 30 to hear input on the Plan.  He explained that there is a state requirement for a referral of the Plan to the Town Council and Regional Planning Agency.  Public information meetings will be held then a meeting with Council and Planning for review.  Planning & Zoning will have the ultimate approval. 


Mr. Gual felt that the key thing was what to do in the Central Business District in the future. 

Discussion followed on aquifer protection and open space areas.  Most felt that the draft of the Local Economy portion missed the mark.  We have to come up with a few economic conditions with ability to grow and build, expand, redevelop – we need to add density.  Mr. Nelson asked for an overlay map showing the wetlands.


Discussion also took place regarding Higgins School.   The cost estimate was in the area of $6-9 million due to prevailing wages.  Mr. Gual questioned if there was a viable developer.


The meeting adjourned at 9:25 AM.


Respectfully submitted,


Jan Ouellette

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