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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

7:00 P.M.

820 Enfield Street, Enfield, Connecticut 06082

Thompsonville Room





Enfield Conservation Commission

Subcommittee Meeting of March 16, 2010



Call to Order:


The meeting was called to order at 7:13 PM


Roll Call:


Karen LaPlante, Tim McGuire, and Mike Dynia

Staff Liaison Roger Alsbaugh was also present


Public Input:


No one from the public was in attendance.




First meeting of this subcommittee; no minutes to review.


Correspondence / All Commissioners:


Commissioner LaPlante reviewed some of the materials from previous farmland preservation meetings, notably a CT Farm Bureau map of farms in Connecticut. The participating farms are indicated with icons representing the type of goods they grow or produce.


Ms. LaPlante also supplied a copy of Attachment 29 from the Open Space & Farmland Preservation document (Considerations for Developing or Expanding Direct Marketing and Agri-Tourism Attractions), which was used later in the meeting in talking about potential programs and actions to recommend for the support of local agriculture.


Further discussions:


identify farmsthat may participate in programs

Which produce what agricultural products? Locations, farm or owner name, products

·        Tobacco Farms: Raffia Farms; Polek Family; Jarmoc Farms; Andrew Urbanowicz; Groszk; Ken Chickosky

·        Food Growers: EZ Pickin’s (Brian Kelliher); Raffia (Mr. Ed’s Farm Stand); Penny Urbanowicz (South Rd.); Owen Jarmoc; Smyth Farm (Milk Products); Collins Farm; Stocker Farm; Sperry Farm

·        Other Farms: McGuire Acres; Kogut Nursery; Moser Farms; Chmura Farm; Lutwinas (Brainard Rd.)

·        Local Stands: GiGi’s; Johnny’s Market; Shaker Farm Stand

·        Other Stands Mentioned: Names need to be determined and they may not qualify as farms; may be local garden stands

·        Contact to determine interest level (participate or reference or none)

·        Define final program contents (see below)

Conclusions: Limited number of local products, limited number of farms. Wide range of products sold locally– grown or bought local as well as acquisition off-site or out-of-town. Need to consider how to support all agricultural sales and production without undue judgment.

identify programs and other support activities or promotions

1.      Coordinate with CT Farm bureau yearly tour in July. Need agreement from Bureau to participate in tour, and from Trinity Farm to piggy-back promotion of other sites

·        Map of farm or nursery locations and stands noting products / seasons / activities, etc.

·        Logistics too complex to consider additional tour expansion this year but future potential is there. Recommend small school or Dial-a- Ride busses to eliminate need for parking or volunteers at farm sites. Groups would be controlled by size limits on busses.

2.   Specialized Tobacco Tours

·        Coordinate with farmers, arrange for drive-by tours (fields, sheds, etc.)

·        Coordinate with Enfield Historical Society; they have extensive artifact holdings.

  1. Schools / Locavore awareness

·        Contact Superintendent to see what programs they might have

·        Coordinate with Enfield Historical Society; they have extensive artifact holdings.

  1. Library

·        Contact Henry Dutcher to see what programs they might have

·        Ag in the Classroom

  1. Promotions

·        Maps (see 1)

·        Place mats

·        Calendars

·        See Attachment 29 of the OSFP



Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 8:20 PM



Respectfully submitted: ________________________________________

                                                Subcommittee Facilitator / Acting Facilitator

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