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Introducing ENCORE, Our New Online Catalog!

Basic Search Features:

 The default search is a keyword search across all of our member libraries.  The Did you mean? feature corrects common spelling mistakes.  The catalog uses Google-like relevance ranking to provide the best answer at the top of the results.  You can change this default setting to sort your results by date or title if you prefer.  You can also limit your results to our library by selecting Enfield Public Library from the collection facet on the left side of the page.


Advanced Search Features:

You can use the advanced search features to limit your search.  Notice the plus signs next to each option.  You can limit by format, but select more than one by clicking the plus sign. 

Please note that collection limits by library, and location limits by department within a specific library.  If you would like to search within a specific library, please use the collection limiter.  If you would like to search only childrens items, you can select location Enfield, Main Library- Childrens Collections.

You can also narrow your search to items published in a foreign language by selecting a language.

If publication date is important, i.e. you are working on a research project and need to read about the current methods being used for a specific field, you can limit the years of publication for your results.


New Features:

At the Library option:

You can limit your search to see only what is currently on the shelf!  Using the facets on the left, select "at the library" under availability.

Build Private Reading Lists

Create your own lists that you can access through your account.  For example, you can create a list of your favorite books, material used to write a research paper, or even a list of books read in your book club.  These lists are private, and accessible only by you.

Community tagging

You can use tags to refine your search from the facets list on the left.  Also, when you are logged in, you have the ability to submit suggested tags for items.

Did you mean? search functionality  

In our old catalog, if a title or author name was misspelled, you may not find what you are looking for.  This feature eliminates confusion and corrects common spelling mistakes. 

Integrated catalog and database searching

Not only will searches be performed of our in physical library holdings and eBook collections, but it will also be searching through our EBSCO databases.  Articles that are relevant to your topic will appear as well, and as long as you are logged into the catalog, you will have the ability to link to full text articles!     

Track your personal reading history

You can "opt in" to save your reading history from your "my account" page.  This allows you to keep a list of items that you've checked out from the time that you opted into the system. 



How do I place holds? 

 To place a hold on one item, find the item in the catalog and click "request it" on the right side of the screen.  If you are not already logged into the catalog, it will prompt you to enter your name and card number.  

To place a hold on multiple items, you can add items to your cart as you browse (by clicking the shopping cart under additional actions).  Once you have added all the items to the cart, click "view cart" in the blue box that appears.  Now, click the "request it" button on the top left of the page. 

How do I look at your list of new DVDS?

The best way to do this is to perform an advanced search.  Use the keyword search term "film".  Use the additional facets to select DVD for format and Enfield Public Library under collection, and limit the date range to 2014. 



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