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1296 Enfield Street, Enfield, CT 06082

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Shift Supervisor: (860) 253-5243

About EMS

Enfield EMS is a division of the Town of Enfield, Department of Public Safety. We are the only municipal, third-service EMS organization in the State of Connecticut.

To meet the needs of the community, we staff anywhere from 5 ambulances at peak (from about 11am until about 4pm) to 2 ambulances after midnight. This allows us to meet the needs of the community without excess cost to the community. Our ambulances are station-based, primarily from our HQ location on Enfield Street at South Road. Whenever necessary, we may station units at the Police Station on Elm Street or at any of the fire stations in town.

Enfield has an unusually deep bench when it comes to first responders. First responder services are provided by the Enfield Police and the Enfield, Hazardville, Thompsonville, North Thompsonville, and Shaker Pines fire districts. Together with our first responder agencies, Enfield EMS is able to provide an exceptionally fast response.

Our primary business in the EMS Division is 911-emergencies. While we often provide stand-by services for large public events in town, Enfield EMS does not provide routine or inter-facility transports. This allows us to focus exclusively on meeting the community's emergency medical needs. Whenever possible, Enfield EMS partners with the fire districts in town to offer community CPR and first aid courses. These courses are published under the "Community Education" link on this website.

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