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The Shaker Pines Fire Department was established in 1942, and was formerly known as the Shaker Pines Lake Association Fire Department. Today's fire department is a cooperation of career and predominately volunteer members. The Shaker Pines FD, Enfield's Fire District #5 covers approximately 6 square miles of the northeastern part of town. The district's borders are Somers, CT and a combination of Washington Rd and N Maple St to the east and west, respectively. Members of the department are continually training year round to stay up to date on the latest techniques in the fire service.

The SPFD is appreciative to Hallmark Cards for their donation of the six acres of land that the station currently sits on near the intersection of Shaker Road and Bacon Road. With the support of a strong community of firefighter’s throughout the town, Enfield residents can place their minds at ease knowing that they are protected by such a fine group of dedicated professionals.

And the Grand Prize Winner is.....

The Shaker Pines Firefighter's Association's 2014 Raffle grand prize winner of the $1000.00 gift card was the Enfield Food Shelf.  This came to be from the many supporters of the community that decided not to buy raffle tickets.  But instead just made a donation in the amount of the cost of the ticket.  The Association members decided to take all those donations and put the money towards the purchase of a raffle ticket for every $5.00 donated in the name of the Food Shelf.  There were 68 tickets purchased in the name of the Food Shelf.  On Thursday, March 6, 2014, members of the Association, including Raffle Chairpersons Lt. Amanda Mele and Firefighter Sarah Bewsee, met with Enfield Food Shelf staff members to make the presentation of the $1000.00 Costco Gift Card.  Also in attendance was Chief Charles Macsata, Firefighter Conor Beck, & Firefighter Tom McGuire.  Members of the food shelf included Kathleen Souvigney, Al DePolt, Walter Derucki, Mary Slater, Deb Matusko, & Lacey Eaton.

The Shaker Pines Firefighter's Association would like to thank all the people that supported our Raffle this year, and our for supporting our members throughout the year.

Spring Fire Safety Tips

As spring approaches thoughts turn to cleaning up from the long winter, making repairs around the home and enjoying the outdoors. Keeping a few safety thoughts in mind will help you make your spring experience much more enjoyable.

Inside the Home:

  • Check and clean your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
  • Check your fire extinguishers
  • Check for overloaded or damaged extension cords
  • Prepare for storm related outages (make sure your flashlights and portable radios have batteries and that other supplies, such as bottled water, are stocked and available)
  • Practice exit drills with your family so everyone knows what to do in case of an emergency
  • Properly store household chemicals and never mix cleaning agents


Outside and Around the Yard:

  • Make sure your address numbers are up and visible from the street
  • Clean up yard debris. Cut back dead limbs and grasses
  • Maintain a clear 'fire zone' of 10' around structures. Clean up leaves and debris and consider using stone or non-combustible mulches
  • Check outdoor electrical outlets and other electrical appliances
  • Get your grill cleaned and serviced. Check all propane tanks and lines for leaks and damage
  • Keep 100' of garden hose with an attached nozzle connected and ready for use

In the Garage or Shed:

  • Clean up and properly store paints, pool and yard chemicals
  • Check fuels containers for leaks and make sure they are properly stored
  • Have all power equipment cleaned, serviced and readied for use

For more information, contact the Fire Marshal's Office by calling (860) 749-8552.



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Open Burn Regulations & Instructions


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