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The Shaker Pines Fire Department was established in 1942, and was formerly known as the Shaker Pines Lake Association Fire Department. Today's fire department is a cooperation of career and predominately volunteer members. The Shaker Pines FD, Enfield's Fire District #5 covers approximately 6 square miles of the northeastern part of town. The district's borders are Somers, CT and a combination of Washington Rd and N Maple St to the east and west, respectively. Members of the department are continually training year round to stay up to date on the latest techniques in the fire service.

The SPFD is appreciative to Hallmark Cards for their donation of the six acres of land that the station currently sits on near the intersection of Shaker Road and Bacon Road. With the support of a strong community of firefighter’s throughout the town, Enfield residents can place their minds at ease knowing that they are protected by such a fine group of dedicated professionals.



 Welcome to the world Jack McGuire, son of Firefighter Tom McGuire and Kelly Benvenuto.  Jack was born last night, September 8, 2014 at 8:30 pm.  Weighing in at 7 pounds and 13 ounces.  Both Kelly and Jack are doing great.  

We Had a Visitor....

On Friday, September 5th at about 1:00 pm, we had a visitor on the property of the Fire Department at 37 Bacon Road.  There was a mid-sized bobcat walking along the west side of the property.  The duty crew was very grateful that he was at the brush line, just minding his own business.  He even stopped to have a little snack.  Animal Control was called and determined that it was a healthy cat and there was no need to intervene.  For more information on Bobcats, visit


Late Summer Pool Safety


By Jim Donovan (CBS News Philadelphia)

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Now that it’s August, most kids have spent plenty of time in the swimming pool. Still, parents shouldn’t get too confident when letting them swim. So 3 On Your Side consumer reporter Jim Donovan has some reminders for late summer water safety.

Summer is entering the final stretch, but in our area there’s still more swim time ahead.

According to the Consumer Product Safety commission, drowning is the second leading cause of death for children between five and 14 years of age.

By this point in the season, many children have had swim lessons or camps, but reminders about pool safety, should be ongoing.

“We teach the children if they have long hair you need to tie your hair back, do not swim near a drain. If a cover is coming loose in a pool that, that pool needs to be shut down until it is repaired because you can become stuck,” said Karen Cohn with the ZAC Foundation.

Cohn lost her six-year-old son Zachary to a drain entrapment.

She’s since channeled her energy into the ZAC Foundation, which will hold a total of 25 camps across the country this summer teaching young swimmers ages five through nine their A-B-C-D’s of pool safety.

A — an adult should always be nearby

B — don’t climb over barriers like fences or gates if a pool is closed

C — classes like swim lessons and CPR

And D — drain safety.

Parents should avoid distractions when children are in the water, which is sometimes easier said than done.

Do not read a book, do not rely on lifeguards, do not check your phones, make sure your eyes are always on your children. That’s what’s most important.





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Open Burn Regulations & Instructions


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