Joint Facilities Committee

The Joint Facilities Committee will be composed of Four (4) Town Council members, Four (4) Board of Education members, and (4) Electors.

The Enfield Town Council and the Enfield Board of Education jointly recognize the need for facilities improvements and desire to work together to review facility needs, prioritize facility improvement projects and develop a schedule and funding plan for the implementation of needed facility improvements.

The Committee shall have the following duties and responsibilities:

  1. Review, evaluate, and recommend opportunities and options relative to the remodeling, expansion, renovation, security improvement or other such structural alteration or improvement to any Town-owned property used for a municipal purpose.

  2. Work with any Council selected architectural and/or engineering firm engaged by the Council in support of the Committee’s duties and responsibilities.

  3. Provide timely updates and reports to the Council and Board as may be necessary to fulfill its duties and responsibilities.

The Council and Board members of the Committee shall create a Master Plan identifying all municipal properties and shall recommend which properties shall remain municipal property and which properties shall be subject to conveyance or transfer.

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