Personal Property

Filing Requirement

The declaration must be filed with the Assessor of the town where the personal property is located. Declarations of personal property shall be filed annually. If you no longer own the business or personal property assessed in your name last year, you do not need to complete this declaration. You must, however, return this declaration to the Assessor and complete the Affidavit of Business Closing or Moved or Sold that provides information related to the name of the new owner of the property or the date your business ceased or to where the business moved. Otherwise, the Assessor must assume that you are still operating the business and still own and have failed to declare your taxable personal property. Failure to file timely will result in a penalty equal to 25% of the assessment of the personal property. This declaration must be filed or postmarked (as defined in C.G.S. Sec 1-2a) no later than: Wednesday, November 1, 2023.