Planning & Zoning

Please bear with us while we work to revise our land use application procedures during this time! All Planning & Zoning, Wetlands, Aquifer, Zoning Board of Appeals, and Historic District applications can be filed online through ViewPermit: 

Planning Staff has the ability to advance all administrative permits (zoning permits, sign permits, home office/occupation permits, dumpster permits, temporary storage container permits, etc.). 

The Planning & Zoning Commission is now holding e-meetings. The agenda, instructions on how to access the meetings, and application materials are all being posted on the Commission website for public inspection:

We are continuing to work on getting other Boards and Commissions online as well. We will be sure to keep the public informed and updated!

Planning Information

Inland Wetland & Watercourses Agency

Zoning Board of Appeals

  1. Thompsonville District- TOD Grant Study

Zoning Language

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