2021 Revaluation

The Assessor’s primary objective is to ensure that all taxable property located within the Town of Enfield is assessed in accordance with applicable laws to ensure that the town’s tax base is distributed fairly and accurately. To accomplish this objective the assessor must discover, list, and value all property within Enfield. The result of these efforts is an annual Grand List. The Grand List is a record of all taxable and tax-exempt property in Enfield.


Under Section 12-62 of the Connecticut General Statutes, the town is required to implement a revaluation no later than five years from the preceding revaluation.

Vision Appraisal Representatives

The Town of Enfield has contracted Vision Government Solutions to assist in conducting a town wide revaluation project, effective for the October 1, 2021 Grand List. This process is in progress and property owners should expect to see a Vision Representative at their property to collect and verify physical characteristics on all properties. Photos of some properties will also be taken. All Vision Representatives will carry Identification Cards and have their cars listed with both the Assessing Office and the Police Department.

Revaluation Purpose

The purpose of revaluation is to determine the fair market value of all properties in the Town of Enfield. Fair market value is described as the price that you could expect to receive if you sold your property in its current condition, after being exposed to a competitive, open market for a reasonable time, to a knowledgeable buyer acting prudently under all conditions requisite to a fair sale and assuming that neither buyer nor seller is under duress.

Fair Market Value

Revaluation ensures that the value of your property and that of your neighbors, in your neighborhood and throughout the town, is equitable and updated to reflect the current fair market value. It is fair market value that is the basis for the taxable assessed value, which is set by law at 70% of the fair market value. The annual tax bill is determined by multiplying the mill rate by your property’s assessed value.