Detective Bureau

The Detective Bureau consists of plainclothes detectives tasked with conducting a broad range of investigative assignments. This division is required to assume responsibility for all felonies where complex follow-up investigation is required and necessary, any misdemeanors where a follow-up investigation is deemed necessary by the detective supervisor, and any other matter determined by the Chief of Police to be appropriate. Most Part A category crimes (murder, robbery, sexual assault, burglary, arson, larceny, and stolen motor vehicles) are investigated by the detectives in this division.

Specialized investigations within this division include arson investigation, juvenile victims crimes, computer forensic analysis and missing persons. Realizing cooperation and coordination among various law enforcement agencies is essential to reducing the level of crime and solving crimes where they do occur, the Detective Bureau cooperates with other city, state, and federal agencies in investigating incidents utilizing task forces and other cooperative means. The Enfield Police encourages a partnership with the community to form a collaborative effort in solving crimes and promoting social order. Anyone wishing to provide information regarding criminal activity may do so via email.

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