K-9 Unit

The Enfield Police Department K-9 Unit consists of three canines, which are listed below:

 K9 Putnam is a Labrador Retriever assigned to Officer Croteau.  K9 Putnam is currently utilized for narcotics detection.

K9 Nova is a German Shepherd assigned to Officer Colantuono.  K9 Nova is used for tracking persons and articles, apprehensions, building searches, evidence recovery and narcotics detection. 

K9 Kodi is a German Shepherd, Belgium Malinois mix assigned to Officer Dufresne for patrol.  K9 Codi is used for tracking persons and articles, apprehensions, building searches and evidence recovery.

The K-9 Unit conducts live demonstrations for local organizations (i.e. schools, Boys/Girls Scouts, etc)  For more information or to schedule a live demonstration, please 
contact Officer Dufresne.

We would like to thank K9 Promise and K9 Bruin for serving the police department and the Town of Enfield.  Both canines have retired recently and are enjoying life at home. 

 You can follow the K-9 Unit on Facebook by clicking here.

Enfield K-9's Kodi, Putnam and Nova

K-9 Photo 2018