Thompsonville Winter Snow Info

The Public Works Department is responsible for the clearing of snow from all streets in town. However, due to the narrow streets within the Thompsonville section of Enfield, it is difficult to maneuver plow trucks around parked cars on the road and still perform our required tasks. We are therefore asking for your cooperation which will allow us to clear your streets properly.

Prepare Your Street for Plowing

In the event of a snow forecast where 2 inches or more of snow is predicted, we ask that you find off street parking locations for your vehicles. When the storm prediction is for 3 inches or more of snow, a parking ban will be put into effect. What this means is that anyone leaving their vehicle on the street during the snow parking ban could be subject to a ticket from the Police Department, and having their vehicle towed to an impound area. This would be costly as the owner would have to pay the fine associated with the ticket, and before the vehicle is released, payment must be made for the towing and any associated charges. In order to help you avoid these expenses, we suggest the following:

  • Listen to the major AM or FM radio stations as well as the local area television stations when there is a winter storm possibility.
  • If they are predicting any appreciable snow fall (2 inches or more) please seek off street parking for your vehicle.
  • If the storm is expected to drop 3 inches or more, these radio or television stations will advise listeners of any parking ban being instituted and when it will become effective. You will then be required to remove your vehicle from the road or be subject to the fine and charges noted above.
  • There are several municipal off street parking areas that can be used for your vehicle and they are as follows:
    • Corner of Pleasant St. and Whitworth Street
    • Corner of Pearl St. and Asnuntuck Street
    • Corner of Pearl Street and South Street
    • Cottage Green (playground area parking)

Cleaning Sidewalks

If you have a sidewalk along your property, you have 24 hours from the end of the snow event to make your sidewalk passable. When clearing sidewalks of snow, please do not place it in the roadway as this can create additional difficulties or unsafe conditions on the road. It could also result in action being taken against you by the Police Department.

Your cooperation is essential if we are to properly remove the snow from your roads and make them as safe as possible for you and others in this area. We thank you in advance of your anticipated cooperation and hope that you have an enjoyable winter season.