Key Initiatives to Early Education (KITE)

KITE is Enfield's early childhood collaborative, dedicated to enhancing health, family engagement and support, and early care and education for Enfield's youngest residents.

Enfield's early childhood collaborative is supported by a variety of public and private community partners, who share our vision to ensure that Enfield's children are healthy, safe, and happy; Living in thriving families with strong ties to their neighbors and to the broader community; and gain the skills they need to succeed both in school and life.

Enfield KITE - Key Initiatives to Early Education

Goals of KITE

  • Develop the infrastructure for a thriving community to ensure all families with young children are empowered to access quality and equitable early care and educational opportunities.
  • Foster communication, share expertise and connect resources among our stakeholders to support initiatives including:
    • Health
    • Family Engagement and Support
    • Early Care and Education

For more information, visit the KITE website or Facebook.