Parents as Teachers

Home Visiting Program

Did you know that the Family Resource Center offers home visits on a monthly basis for families with children ages birth through five? The purpose of these visits is to help parents or caregivers work with their children to encourage growth and development in all areas. Using a curriculum called Parents as Teachers, we will help you know what to expect as your child grows so that you can observe your child's accomplishments and appreciate how significant they are, and we will try to answer questions regarding your child's development.

During the visit, we will share an age-appropriate activity which will emphasize the value of play and hands-on learning. We can also conduct a screening and provide information about specific concerns you might have.

The visits will be brief and we don't care if you have dishes in the sink or haven't picked up toys. The most important thing about the visit is you and your children. Appointments will be scheduled at your convenience, and we ask that you call the office if you need to change your visit time. Please call the Family Resource Center at 860-253-5144 to set up an appointment.