Public Safety

It is a goal of the Town of Enfield to create an atmosphere of residential and commercial safety, comfort, and mobility throughout the town. To foster an environment of professionalism and achievement within the department. To provide the ability to enforce laws in a timely and effective manner.

Increased Police Presence in Thompsonville
Enhance residential safety and business development in the Downtown Thompsonville area.
  • Development of Policing Strategy
  • Engaging the business and resident stakeholders
  • Develop metrics to analyze strategy roll out
  • Reassessment of Policing Strategy
  • Implementation of Long-Term Policing Strategy
Satellite Police Station in Thompsonville
Creation of a permanent police station in Downtown Thompsonville.
  • Assessment of personnel / division adjustments to Thompsonville
  • Assessment of policing and command structure of new facility
  • Understanding funding parameters for new facility
  • Assessment of potential locations for new facility
  • Purchasing / Construction of new facility
  • Move in
Improve Police Officer Retention
Understand causes of officer flight, develop strategies to retain officers, and implement programs and incentives to retain current and attract new officers.
  • Complete Compensation Study
  • Develop and complete employee retention study
Expansion of the Police Station
Understand the needs of the Police Department, develop a plan for possible expansion, and configure the facility to best fit the needs of the department.
  • Understand impact of Initiative #2
  • Understand funding parameters for facility
  • If appropriate, construction of expanded facility
Maintain & Expand Professional Development
Promote and fund training and professional development opportunities for police leadership and officers.