Fair Rent Commission


The Fair Rent Commission meets as needed.

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The commission is comprised of 7 members:

  • 2 landlords
  • 2 tenants
  • 3 individuals who are neither landlord nor tenants (e.g., homeowners)

The appointments to this commission are made by the Town Manager for a term of 2 years. Three persons shall be appointed by the Town Manager as Complaint Investigators.


The Fair Rent Commission was established in May of 1970 (Article VII, Town Code). The Fair Rent Commission shall have all the authority, powers, responsibilities and duties vested in such commissions under the provision #274 of the State of Connecticut Public Acts of 1969, as it may from time to time be amended. It receives and hears complaints and conducts studies in order to control and eliminate excessive rental charges. The commission designates investigators to research complaints.