Public Safety

Public safety goals:

  • To create an atmosphere of residential and commercial safety, comfort, and mobility throughout the town
  • To foster an environment of professionalism and achievement within the department
  • To provide the ability to enforce laws in a timely and effective manner


Increased Police Presence in Thompsonville

Enhance residential safety and business development in the downtown Thompsonville area.

  • Develop policing strategy.
  • Engage the business and resident stakeholders.
  • Develop metrics to analyze strategy and roll out.
  • Reassess policing strategy.
  • Implement long term policing strategy.

Satellite Police Station in Thompsonville

Create a permanent police station in Downtown Thompsonville:

  • Assess personnel/division adjustments to Thompsonville.
  • Assess policing and command structure of new facility.
  • Understand funding parameters for new facility.
  • Assess potential locations for new facility.
  • Purchase / construct new facility.
  • Move in.

Improve Police Officer Retention

Understand causes of officer flight, develop strategies to retain officers, and implement programs and incentives to retain current and attract new officers.

  • Complete Compensation Study.
  • Develop and complete employee retention study.

Expansion of the Police Station

Understand the needs of the Police Department, develop a plan for possible expansion, and configure the facility to best fit the needs of the department.

  • Understand impact of Satellite Police Station in Thompsonville Initiative.
  • Understand funding parameters for facility.
  • If appropriate, construct expanded facility.

Maintain & Expand Training & Professional Development

Promote and fund training and professional development opportunities for police leadership and officers.