Commission President Ray Aiken Wake - Honor Guard Schedule

Weekend Duty Shift Schedule

The following are the minimal requirements set by the Chief, in order to be eligible to be scheduled for Weekend Duty Shifts. Any questions, see the Chief.

* Must be CT certified Firefighter 1.

* Must have proficient working knowledge of equipment location on Engine 52 & Engine 54.

* Must have proficient working knowledge of equipment operation.

Duty Officer Schedue

The Duty Officer should be your first line of contact if you have a question or issue that pertains to the Fire Department, the Fire Station, or any of our Fire Personnel. The responsibility of the Duty Officer is to be the Officer in charge of the Department during specified off hours of the Fire Department. If there is an issue that the Chief or Deputy Chief need to be aware of, that is the responsibility of the Duty Officer. If you have any questions about this, see the Chief during normal business hours.