Patriot Award Committee


During the American Revolution, the French notion of patriotism took root among colonists. Since that time patriotism has come to mean many things to many Americans. From the selfless acts of emergency personnel at a fire or accident scene to the anonymous acts of charity at a food pantry or soup kitchen, it is a vital thread that binds and strengthens our community while defining us as a nation.

This patriotic spirit caught the eye of Jason MacLelland, owner of Pearl Street Barber Shop, every trip he took down Enfield Street or the street to his shop. The American flags flying from homes or utility poles remind us not to take our liberties for granted, he said, adding we are surrounded by Patriots in our everyday lives and suggested a local man or woman be recognized for their act(s) of patriotism.

The Enfield Town Council followed up by forming the Enfield Patriot Award Review Committee to establish criteria for the award and review the nominations annually.

Members of the Enfield Patriot Award Committee are seeking nominations for the Enfield Patriot Award. Nominations are open to all men and women residing in Enfield over 15 years. Application forms are available at the Town Hall and can also be printed from the Town's website or the Enfield July 4th Town Celebration website.