Offers counseling and case management services to youth and families referred by the Enfield Juvenile Review Board, Cooperative Educational Program, and Early Intervention Team.

Enfield Youth Services employs two full time social workers who are able to meet with youth, parents and families during the day or afterschool to assist with the following:

  •  Case management
  •  Clinical diagnostic assessments
  •  Screenings for substance abuse, depression and trauma
  •  Individual and family counseling
  •  Case consultation
  •  Referrals
  •  Home visits
Safe Return to School Program

If you have questions about Counseling and/or would like to involve your child in this program, please contact one of the following:
Enfield Youth Services:

Joanna Fornwalt, LCSW 860-741-4024,
Tramaine Taylor, LCSW 860-253-6381,

Brochure: EYS Brochure 2016