Will my driveway be repaired?
Because these roadways will be excavated and new base material installed, all the driveway aprons will need to be cut and a portion of front yards within the Town’s Right of Way will have to be disturbed in order to accommodate installation of the new road base. The Town will make every effort to minimize the portion of driveways and front yards disturbed.

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1. What kind of access can I expect during construction?
2. Will there be parking restrictions?
3. Will my driveway be repaired?
4. Where should I park?
5. What happens if I witness something dangerous in the construction zone?
6. Will my utilities (water, sewer, phone, cable, etc.) be affected?
7. How long does it take?
8. What are the typical hours of construction?
9. Can the contractor replace my driveway?
10. What will happen to mail delivery?
11. What if I need special access to my property?
12. How will this affect emergency services?
13. Trash, recycling and bus pickup?
14. Dust?
15. What should I do with the sprinkler system?
16. What are the marks and stakes I see?