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1. When does the countdown clock start ticking?
2. How will the end of the event be decided upon?
3. How will the declaration of the end of the event be conveyed to the public?
4. Who will be responsible for enforcement?
5. How will inspection of the sidewalks in town be handled?
6. Will this be the only means to insure that residents and businesses are following the code?
7. How will residents / businesses be notified of non-compliance?
8. What is the fine for not clearing snow and/or ice within the 24 hour time period?
9. What happens if the Resident or Business does not remove the snow and/or ice?
10. How will the contractor be selected?
11. How much will it cost the resident / business to have the town remove the snow and/or ice from the sidewalk?
12. What if the resident / business does not pay the charge?
13. The new ordinance says that there will be a $75 fine if sidewalks are not cleared of snow and/or ice within 24 hours. Is this in addition to the charges for cleaning?
14. If I receive a citation in error, how do I contest it?
15. The code calls for the snow and/or ice to be removed from the entire width of the sidewalk. How will that be enforced?
16. I have a corner lot, is the intersection of my sidewalks that provide access to the road my responsibility?
17. Am I still responsible to clean my sidewalk if I am on vacation or out of town when the 24 hours expires?
18. The changes to the snow and ice removal code require the property owner to clear snow around fire hydrants. What if the hydrant is located on the property line between me and my neighbor?
19. Who decides if ice / snow is difficult or extremely difficult to remove?