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Adopt-A-Spot Checklist

  1. Checklist
    1. Site Selection:
    • Select site location
    • Notify Enfield Beautification Committee - Town Manager's Office
      820 Enfield St.
      Enfield, CT 06082
    • EBC will determine if site meets town and/or state guidelines

    2. Approval:
    • Once site location is approved, a site design should be forwarded to:
      Enfield Beautification Committee
      c/o Town Manager's Office
      820 Enfield Street
      Enfield, CT 06082
    • Once site plan is approved by EBC, the Adopt-A-Spot Agreement should be completed.

    3. Before you Start:
    • Call Before You Dig - 800-922-4455 at lease 48 hours prior to site development.
    • Review Safety Checklist.
    • Notify EBC of project start date.

    4. Landscape Maintenance Specifications:

    • All lawn areas should be mowed every two weeks (minimum).
    • All curb, signs, fences and other obstacles should be trimmed around at this time.
    • All excessive grass clippings should be removed from the site to maintain a neat appearance.
    • All grass should be blown off all walks, roadways and parking areas.
    • All shrub and flower beds should be monitored every two weeks for weeds. (Chemical weed controls can be used to help control the weeds)

    • Each adopted site should be policed for garbage every two weeks.

    Shrub Trimming:
    • All rhododendrons, azaleas, and any other flowering shrubs should be trimmed once during the seasons to maintain a neat appearance and to keep any and all traffic sight lines clear.
    • All junipers, yews, forsythia and other shrubs should be trimmed once during the season to maintain a neat appearance and to keep any and all traffic sight lines clear.
    • As sites are picked and then reviewed by the EBC landscape board, a more detailed list of maintenance specifications may be composed based on the plant specifications.

    5. Plant Installations:
    • All plant holes should be dug at least one and one-half times the size of the plant root ball (container).
    • Be sure not to dig the hole too deep so as to cover the trunk on the plants.
    • Peat Moss, fertilizer and "soil moist" should be added as amendments to the soil to aid in the development of the plants. (Soil-Moist is a substance that retains water and releases it to the plants)
      • Peat Moss: 1 large shovel
      • Fertilizer: ½ lb. per 2-3 gallon container
      • Soil Moist: 3 oz. per 2/3 gallon container

    • These amendments should be added to the soil in the hole and out of the hole (fill material). One-half of the amendments should be mixed in the hold and one-half in the soil that is to be put back in the hole.
    • When filling the holes around the plants, be sure to pack in the soil mixture tightly around each plant so there are no air pockets.
    • All planting beds should be covered with some mulch materials to help retain moisture and reduce weeds and give the bed a more aesthetically pleasing look. (i.e. shrub plants; pine bark mulch; flower beds: peat moss)

    6. Flowers:
    • All areas that are to be planted with annual flowers should be tilled up and have amendments added - Peat Moss, Fertilizer, Soil Moist.
    • All flower beds will be weeded every two weeks and dead flowers should be removed and replaced at this time.
    • All flower beds will be policed for garbage every two weeks.

    7. Safety:
    • Carpool to litter pick-up area, if possible to keep vehicles to a minimum.
    • Park vehicles clear of roadway.
    • Keep work groups to a manageable size.
    • Do not remove any hazardous material.
    • Do not pick up items on bridges, tunnels or overpasses.
    • Stay clear of construction areas.
    • Hold safety meeting with group prior to litter pick-up.
    • Do not pick up litter during inclement weather, hours of darkness or peak traffic hours.
    • Do not allow participants to partake of, possess or distribute alcoholic beverages while involved in litter pick-up for Adopt-A-Spot.
    • Make participants aware that they are working in a potentially dangerous environment and caution them to act accordingly.
    • Always pick up in the direction of oncoming traffic.
    • Pick up cans by the smooth sides - be careful of sharp edges and openings.
    • All groups of minors must have adult supervision at all times. One adult per six youngsters is recommended.

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