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Anonymous Web Tips

  1. Anonymous Tips

    If you have any information regarding a crime that has been committed or a suspect that has committed a crime please call (860) 763-6400. It is not necessary for you to provide your name when reporting crime tips. Anyone who has information about a crime can also contact the Enfield Police Department anonymously by completing the form below. All information received is considered confidential.

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  3. What happens to the information I provide?

    Information is logged in and cross-referenced, allowing detectives to determine if additional information related to the criminal activity about which you are calling has been reported in the past. Even the smallest bits of information can at times provide investigators the “critical information” that allows them to take action. All information remains strictly confidential.

  4. What if I want to report a crime that is happening right now?

    If you witness any type of criminal activity that requires immediate police response: Dial 911. A patrol unit will be dispatched to the area immediately.

  5. If this is anonymous, please make sure the information you supply is as precise as possible.

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