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Meter Registration Instructions for Residential Well Users

  1. Well users are currently billed a flat, quarterly fee of $43.32. The fee is equivalent to a quarterly usage flow of 12,780 gallons at $3.39 per one thousand gallons.
  2. Well users that prefer to be billed based on actual water usage may purchase a water usage meter to measure the flow of water from the well to your house. The Town will send an employee to verify your meter on an as-needed basis, but at least once a year.
  3. Well users that install a water usage meter must obtain a permit. The permit can be purchased in the Town of Enfield building department, which is located in the Town Hall (820 Enfield Street). You will be required to produce the permit at the time of meter registration. The well meter must be installed by a licensed plumber.
  4. A resident that utilizes a water usage meter to measure their actual flow is eligible to receive the 7.5% summer discount for the months of June, July and August.
  5. Residents may also choose to install a deduct meter to measure the flow of water for outdoor activities that do not discharge to the sanitary sewer system (example: irrigation systems, pool fills, washing cars and watering gardens). Please refer to, “Deduct Meter Frequently Asked Questions,” for more information about utilizing and installing a deduct meter.
  6. Well meters should be read on the 1st Monday of either: January, April, July or September for the prior three month period. If you are unable or forget to read your well meter you will automatically be charged the flat quarterly fee of $43.32.
  7. Please record your usage information and report it to the town no later than the first Wednesday of January, April, July or September. You may record your information by clicking the link below.
  8. If you have any further questions you can call the Town of Enfield Finance Department at (860)253-6330.
  9. Please complete the following information to register your meter.
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