• Ticket to admit 1 into the Terror in the Pines Haunted Trail Walk
  • Firefighters set up the haunted trail
  • Volunteers critique some fine art done during set up
  • Firefighters smile excitedly as they finish preparing the haunted trail
  • Participants start to arrive for a good scare
  • Volunteers wear scary costumes throughout the haunted trail
  • Two doors stand in the field, 1 good and 1 evil
  • The scary clown rumored to haunt the trail
  • A possessed scare crow gets ready to torment all who dare try to pass
  • A ghoulish prisoner sits behind bars
  • A psychotic lumberjack runs through the trail wielding a chainsaw, probably not for the trees
  • Skin on an old man with glowing red eyes appears to be falling apart
  • A blonde gorilla stands on the trail, looking to wreak vengeance on any who utter a
  • A person in a lab coat looks to chase an unsuspecting specimen with a chainsaw
  • A puppet like face hides behind some smoke

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