• The work crew gather together for a group picture with Santa
  • Utility vehicle 56 pulls Santas sleigh through Enfield
  • AJ and Brent pose together
  • Firefighters Ed and Breanna pose together for a picture
  • Firefighters Ken and Sarah B. lean in close for a holiday picture
  • A small group hops onto Santas sleigh for a quick picture
  • Santa visits Firefighter Sarah C. and her small child
  • Sarah C. poses for a picture with her young daughter
  • Firefighters Tom and AJ pose for a picture
  • Firefighters Ed and Joel pose with Santa
  • AJ points to York as he drives Utility 56
  • Firefighters Ken and Sarah C. sit for a photo
  • Firefighter Chris smiles back at the camera
  • Firefighters Damain and AJ pose together for a photo
  • Amanda and Sarah pose together in front of Santas sleigh
  • Amanda and AJ hug for a fun holiday picture
  • Amanda and Jason come together for a picture
  • Firefighters Ken and AJ pose for a picture near some bright Christmas lights
  • Firefighters AJ and Sarah sit on Santas sleigh for a picture
  • Santa gets his picture taken with Firefighters AJ and Sarah

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